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Suoi Tien Theme Park was originally a python forestry farm and produced handicrafts, built by Mr. Dinh Van Vui, a Soc Trang’s resident in 1987. Its coverage of waste land was 6.600m2, with a flowing stream, it meant that 7 virgin girls with the same Dragon age launched into eternity, then the stream was called as a Fairy Stream.

After 25 years, Suoi Tien Theme Park is a leading entertainment center in the country, while confirms its position in the region and the world. With an area of 105ha, more than 150 entertainment works and models are diverse and abundant, more than thousands of employees, Suoi Tien annually welcomes millions visitors.

Currently, Suoi Tien continues expanding its scale area of over 50 hectares up to 150 hectares.

The closed tour and entertainment model is considered as "Tourism, Recreation - Relaxation - Shopping - Cuisine".

The construction works and festive seasons are to "return to roots of national and spiritual culture".

Our Suoi Tien is the land of Four Creatures, including Dragon, Unicom, Tortoise, Phoenix

A peaceful place to bring happiness and luck for your family.

Remember the outset and the state founding period
Our people were derived from the Lac Hong’s grandchildren
Originated from the Fairy Dragon
Noble sense, heart integrity
Our ancestors tried to start careers
This country is covered with a full of silk and satin
Fellow and same country
Born in the same cover and in the house
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