After fifteen years of research and construction, The Best Royal Herbal Wine Palace was officially opened to welcome visitors on the occasion of New Year 2013.

From the outside, visitors will be amazed by the semicircular architecture with eight palanquins four-five times as high a normal person lining up horizontally. Doors are the model of wine palanquins. Inside, visitors will visit and explore the wine processing steps for Emperors from ancient times.

This wine is made from sticky rice of yellow flower by a special ferment, incubated in the ground with roots of rare herbs, which only takes roots in the direction of sun rise at 5-9 a.m. on native forests. The wine is incubated in the ground during 18 months.

The Best Royal Herbal Wine Palace of Suoi Tien was issued the form of testing results that reach physical, chemical, microbiological qualifications prescribed by the Ministry of Health by the HCMC Department of Science - Technology.

Once coming The Best Royal Herbal Wine Palace of Suoi Tien, visitors can not only directly go sightseeing, explore winemaking stages but also enjoy rare wine good for kidney, virility, strong muscles and detoxify.