On Tet holiday 2002, Suoi Tien Theme Park inaugurated the legendary Tien Dong Sea. This is an artificial bathing sea of more than 15 thousand square meters, of which 9 thousand square meters is the sea surface and the remaining 6 thousand square meters are caves and auxiliary works.

bien tien dong ngoc nu

The most important highlight of Tien Dong Sea is the majestic and splendid mountain range 70 meters high with the giant statue of the Lac Long Quan mountain. Opposite is Au Co mountain and Ngu Chau Hoang mountains lying along the north side; Huong Khu, Thien Thuy and Bong Lai mountains stretching along the south; adjacent to Thien Dinh palace. Inside the mountain are famous caves from ancient times such as: Huong Tich (the first cave of VietNam), Bich Dong cave (the second cave of VietNam),... On the top of the mountain, there are magnificent castles mixed with giant sea creatures that are carved elaborately and in a variety of colors.

From the top of a pure stream flowing through two mountain slopes forms a white waterfall flowing into the sea, flowing over the rapids. Standing on the top of Lac Long Quan mountain, visitors not only can see the panoramic view of Tien Dong Sea and Suoi Tien Theme Park, but also can see far away from the center of Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Nai, Binh Duong provines.

In order to serve the increasing demand for recreation and swimming after 8 years, Suoi Tien upgraded Tien Dong Sea and invested in building Ngoc Nu Beach since then the name is called Tien Dong - Ngoc Nu Sea and officially served to tourists on Tet holiday 2010.

With a wave-generating fan system designed by American experts in a gradual strength, one-sided wave, two-sided waves give visitors a genuine feeling for visitors like bathing in a natural sea with waves. Over 1m high, along with a spiral water slide system of 10 metres high, 30 meters long through the gate of Than Ngu, Than Rong and more than 30 underwater games.

In 2021, with the slogan "Always innovating - Always developing" and improving service quality. Chairman of Suoi Tien Group - Labor Hero Mr. Dinh Van Vui decided to change the entire 7,000 cubic meters of water of Tien Dong Sea - Ngoc Nu with natural seawater taken from Nha Trang Bay - 01 of the 29 most beautiful bays the world, then through a closed glass treatment process including: mechanical, chemical, physical and biological treatment systems using modern technology of the USA - Canada to clean and disinfect seawater and does not lose the natural ingredients of seawater after treatment.

Joining in Tien Dong - Ngoc Nu Sea, visitors can not only have entertainment but also help you improve your own health. According to medical experts, sea salt contains a multitude of trace elements and mineral salts that are good for health, seawater increases resistance, can cure ear, nose and throat disease, increases the sensory ability, strengthen and prevent osteoporosis, reduce stress, clean and smooth skin. In the complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic, one of the important effects in sea salt is the prevention of respiratory diseases.

With the green space of the coconut trees, the clear blue sea will give visitors the feeling of being outside the beautiful beaches. In addition, inside Tien Dong -Ngoc Nu Sea also arranged a lot of chairs, bathing area, souvenir shops, bathing towe, food courts ... to satisfy enough demand for visitors. This is also the slogan that Suoi Tien Theme Park always aims to bring to tourists the best quality service.

Our Suoi Tien is the land of four holy animals with Dragon – Unicorn – Tortoise - Phoenix
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