This is a great work deeply marked of Suoi Tien imprint, covers Eastern philosophy and ancient Vietnamese culture. Heavenly Gate consists of five floors, nine doors, two gazebos, thirty-six-meter-high gate with twenty-five stairs up to the gate and twenty-five stairs down to the square. Heavenly Gate is spectacular, glorious and majestic.

The works were inaugurated on the occasion of five-year anniversary of the establishment of Suoi Tien Cultural Tourist Area and also to welcome 2000, the year transferring to the 21st century.

Front side of Heavenly Gate:

  • The first picture located in the upper section is titled "Four Supernatural Precious Things" with four sacred animals: Dragon - Unicorn - Turtle - Phoenix. Dragon symbolizes power, Unicorn symbolizes desire for peace, Turtle symbolizes eternal immortality and Phoenix symbolizes power and couple happiness.
  • The second picture located in the middle is named "Five Fortunes" referring to five large fortunes in the world such as Development, Money, Luck, Fun and Long Life.
  •  The third picture is titled "Dragon Helps and Supports Do - Thu", i.e. cloud dragon helps and supports Ha and Thu. The method of dragon - tiger is very common in ancient Vietnamese architecture. Long and tiger are usually mounted at the entrance to exorcise.

Back side of Heavenly Gate:

  • The first picture located in the upper section is titled “Two Phoenixes Guard Gold Mountain”, i.e. the couple of phoenixes guard the gold mountain.
  • The first picture located in the lower section is titled “Nine Dragons Help and Support Gold Cart”, i.e. nine dragons help and support the gold cart.

The right and left of the Heavenly Gate are two gazebos:

  • The left gazebo is “Thousand Lucks”, i.e. a thousand of lucks reach your door.
  • The right gazebo is “Five Fortunes”, i.e. five fortunes reach your door.

The images at the Heavenly Gate remind wishes for blessings, peace, happiness and prosperity to everyone.