The image of a boy from Giong village wearing iron armor, riding iron horse, holding iron rod aggressive to expel An invaders by himself to hold territory in the sixth Hung King is always the great example to educate descendants about patriotism.

Giong God or Phu Dong Heavenly King is one of four Immortals (four immortal Gods) supernatural of Vietnamese folk beliefs. The statue of Phu Dong Heavenly King expresses the will, resilient power, patriotism against foreign invaders of our nation from the past.

The legend said he was born in the reign of the sixth Hung King. Giong is the "God" reincarnated as a child although he was three, he could not talk, laugh, walk or stand. But, when hearing An invaders from the North coming down to invade our country, he called his mother to offer the King's messenger to help the country. Then, he suddenly became a robust young man and beaten the enemy. After defeating An invaders, he flew to heaven with the iron horse.

The King confered him as Phu Dong Heavenly King and founded temple for Vietnamese people to remember and confered him as Giong God.