The works were built in 2003 and completed in the 2004 Year of the Monkey with the area of 15,000m2 and investment capital of 5 billion VND.

On the way up to the hill is Song Dao Ming Shui with Elephant - Tiger. On top of the hill, there is Thuy Tu fountain with 12 animal Gods dressing golden hat, golden armour welcoming visitors. Behind are brilliant Gold Mount - Silver Mount with flowing Kim Son waterfall.


In the foot of the mountain is Ngoc Bao Luu Ly with Monkey King and Monkey General welcoming. Inside the mountain, there are Gold Tunnel - Silver Tunnel, where visitors will discover many unexpected and interesting things.


The story goes that the old days, when months and years were unnamed, one day, the Jade Emperor summoned the animals to name the twelve zodiac, the animals were summoned and arranged in order; separate, there were only two animals, Buffalo and Mouse, till competing the lead position that led to the standing competition, due to be slyly, Mouse was the winner and indicated to be the lead of 12 zodiac by the Jade Emperor.

It is not less impressive to reach "Twelve-Zodiac Spiritual Temple", visitors can hear and see their future. The population of Twelve Zodiac Spiritual Temple is the convergence of the twelve animal Gods.