Once upon a time, more than forty years ago, the land of Suoi Tien was uncultivated, less frequented, dense luxuriant vegetation. The people recalled that, on full moon day, which was the fifteenth day of January, two mounds occurred naturally, grew daily, until now it is still majestic at this place. The old woman, called as Mrs. Hai Nay who was a home, vegetarian for over 60 years, a temple was built to worship, called as the temple of the Arila Cordata.

In 2001, the President of Suoi Tien Group - Mr. Dinh Van Vui ordered to build with reinforced concrete more spacious because the temple was built of dry leaves in the past temporarily and the people often visit this temple to pray for good things. 12 years later, he ordered to rebuild into a bigger temple to worship the Arila Cordata.

Over the years, many mounds appeared in this temple, but its shape was an old man, it many years later developed many small and large mounds. This was a sacred symbol of such temple, very strange and never seen ever before. Those who believed and respected this temple would came here to prey for good things and good luck.