This is a unique combination of sculpture, coverage, bending. The Bodhi trees are shaped with smooth green Bodhi leaf canopies, separated, but in a community to form beautiful flowers next the image of the Gautama Buddha who is gentle, generous, compassionate, always helps all beings.


The Gautama Buddha is below the Bodhi Tree pole and in front of the iridescent lotus pond, the Holy Snake with 9 heads and the Mountains of the God and the Evil are behind, around the Statue of the Goddess who is celebrating a ceremony.


This is a sacred place to pray for good things so that visitors may burn incense to respectfully bring their wishes to the Shakyamuni Buddha for peace and happiness. Annually, on the full moon in July - Vu Lan greate festival, you will see the ascetic path of the Buddha through the mendicants of Nam Tong group after the a ceremony of mendicants has been completed for "Cung duong Bat Hoi" on the streets of festivals in Suoi Tien.