Date of commencement: January 2004

Date of completion: February 2006 Investment: 50 billion VND


Long Hoa Thien Bao Pagoda is a work of spiritual culture and built on a foundation of values ​​and philosophies of Buddhism towards people to reach Truth – Freiendliness – Perfection and based on the meaning of Long Hoa Society. The building has a two-storey architecture.

The upstair of Long Hoa Thien Bao includes 10 Buddhas directions of convergence that is extremely dignified and noble. The downstair is the temple of Five Holy Mothers so that each traveller has the opportunity to worship and pray for good things, peace and happiness.


Long Hoa Thien Bao is the first and the most exclusive work of the Southeast Asia, located behind the Mahabodhi of Dai Bo De Quang Minh Canh. The building has an area of ​​over 4,000m2.