This is one of the spiritual and cultural construction work, the pride of the richness in spiritual and cultural treasures of Suoi Tien and also the high result of the artistic culture of the Vietnamese people.


With an investment of more than 8 billion VND. The project was inaugurated in 2010 To express the uniqueness, sophistication in sculpture, Suoi Tien; artisans carved successfully the Statue of Avalokiteshvara with Five Floors of the Tower 36m high, 18m diameter, the whole statue had 15 faces and 1 Avalokiteshvara who was sitting on the peak, expressing solemn, mighty, power and placability.

The holy statue was positioned on a lotus tower with a height of 2m, its body had a thousand of hands and a thousand of eyes. The big hands were dancing, the small hand were arranged in a shine halo around. Each palm has 1 eye with a meaning that: compassion should be inspired you’re your wisdom. Where the compassion and wisdom were existing, then safety and happiness will appear, all things would be successful.


The Status of Avalokitesvara in Suoi Tien was a merciful symbol of the Mother and gentleness of all beings.