According to folk beliefs and Buddhism, Guanyin was the myths about the spirituality and relief. For that respect, her temple was built Suoi Tien Park. This is a work of harmony combination, goodness from the cultural identities - ethnic arts of Vietnam, give visitors a passion, admiration for the creation of sculpture, carving sophisticatedly sculpted by Suoi Tien’s artisans.


The entire statue and base were carved from monolithic ebony body with more than thousand years old, this wood was harvested from forests in the province of Khanh Hoa - Phu Yen. Its size was large and rare, Suoi Tien's artisans successfully carved the intact status of a gentle and majestic Guanyin. The statue’s weight was 1.600kg, height was 60cm, diameter was 90cm.


The Guanyin was standing on a lotus, her face was toward the south, her appearance was graceful, her smiling face was very hearted. Her right hand was bringing a branch of willow, her left hand was bringing a bottle of sweet dew, to cool the people. The status was placed by Suoi Tien Park in the life-line position of Fairy Well on the bank of Suoi Tien.